English for Young learners

Is your child shy, reserved and lacking in confidence?
Does he mumble and stumble when it comes to Spoken English?

As a parent, would you like to see him or her grow, blossom and become the confident person hidden inside that self-conscious shell?

These are not going to be merely Spoken English classes but will transform your child’s personality altogether. We help develop the individual through Attitude & Behaviour Management, mastering Body language, providing tools to build character and confidence.

Not only do we offer Spoken English classes for Kids, but we help develop the individual through Attitude & Behaviour Management, mastering Body language, providing tools to build character and confidence.

We will encourage your precious child to think out of the box, promote Creative Learning and leadership skills.

Let us nurture your child. Sign him or her up for Spoken English classes for kids and watch his or her Creative writing improve through our Creative Writing for Kids classes.

The Creative Writing Skills course has been created by an award-winning author. Can your child really pass up on this unique opportunity which will pave his path to success?

Since we focus on the individual, Emotional Intelligence and Holistic development are core parts of our personality development course for kids. Our classes are lively, filled with group discussions and fun activities, leading to Spiken English and personal development for your child.

Our teams teach the three Ls:

Leadership Skills

Learning Skills

Life Skills,

designed to help your child evolve from a diffident, timid and introverted shrinking violet to a confident and bold English Speaking youth.

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Course Content

• The science behind language learning

• Modern grammar and sentence construction

• Vocabulary bank & brain power

• Common situational conversations practice

• Pronunciation & voice modulation

• 100 + exercises & activities to build english fluency

• Creative writing

• Activities incorporating Attitude & Behaviour Management

• Body language

• Character Building

• Confidence Building

• Creative Learning

• Emotional Intelligence

• Group Discussion

• Holistic Development

• Leadership Skills

• Learning Skills

• Life Skills

• Personality Grooming

• Time management for children in the age group of 5 years to 18 years

We believe in an education that is beyond textbooks and is aimed to add relevance by empowering children at an age when they are mouldable to alter their thought process, make better decisions, take responsibility for their actions, improve relationships and be admired by one and all.

1:30 hours, 5 days a week, 2 months(Full) Rs.13,500/- or (EMI) Rs. 7,500/- x 2
1:30 hours, 5 days a week, 3 months(Full) Rs.16,500/- or (EMI) Rs. 8,500/- x 2
1.30 hours, 5 days a week, 6 months(Full) Rs.25,800/- or (EMI) Rs. 10,100/- x 3

    Access our online course anywhere and anytime @ just Rs 899/-

    State-of-the-art language learning facilities and online