Afraid of Speaking English ?

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Join India’s only Spoken English institute which either makes you fluent in English or gives your money back!

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Course which either makes you fluent in English or gives your money back!

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    Let us COACH you in the RIGHT manner which brings 100% results. Besides teaching grammar & Vocabulary our target will be training your brain to think faster so that you improve your confidence in any situation you need to speak English! When we work with you dedicatedly and passionately, following our proven training strategies you ought to overcome your fear of speaking English. We Believe in ourselves, what about you?

    Thousands of students have been able to speak Fluent English by using our effective and time-efficient learning methods in our Online Spoken English Club, it’s your turn now.

    These online spoken English classes are an opportunity for you to train your brain to think faster in English to help you remember words and phrases you hear every day so that you can use them when speaking English!

    Are you ready to practice hard with us to finally speak confidently?

    Ocean English Academy brings you the best trainers in the field of English language training at your fingertips. With our English on phone introduction, now learning English becomes easy with the move. If you are someone who has a very busy schedule and can’t spare time for regular Spoken English classes, then our Online Spoken English courses are just meant for you. Now learning English would be a cakewalk as you will get the freedom to decide your own time to invest in learning. Pick up your phone today and start learning English


    Study Planner

    • The science behind language learning

    • Modern grammar and sentence construction

    • Vocabulary bank & brain power

    • The art of meaningful conversations – sound smart

    • Common situational conversations practice

    • Pronunciation & voice modulation

    • 100 + exercises & activities to build english fluency

    • Develop a dynamic speaking voice – intonation & stress pattern

    • Regular quizzes and assessments

    Salient feature of the Program

    • Live trainer support (24×7)

    • Vigorous speaking practice

    • Lifetime access to our online video courses

    • Regular quizzes and assessments

    Good communication skills give you Wings!


    The above-mentioned features are just a glimpse of what we intend to offer in our online English-speaking classes. We can assure you that our unmatched curriculum will make you an outstanding figure among all. The course is divided into monthly modules over a period of 12 weeks, with each week helping you get closer to your goal of Speaking English Fluently. This course is designed for those who want to pursue filtered study material to master their communication skills in no time from the comfort of their home.

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