Any language is the primary source of communication. It is the method through which we share our ideas and thoughts with others. In a multi-lingual world, where we come across people speaking different dialects in different regions, a common platform thus becomes necessary to make our communication easier and comprehensible to others who don’t speak or understand our native language and here comes the importance of English Language.

English is a universal language that has gained its repute as an International language over a period of time. It would be absolutely fit to say that English seamlessly has acquired the status of being the “Lingua Franca” around the globe for its recognition as a widely spoken language and it has significantly contributed in narrowing the gap between the geographical boundaries of nations and it has now definitely become easier to transact, interact and build corporate relationships with different entities around the globe. The invocation of English from a foreign language to an international language within the political, professional and social context of the world has been a rhetorical ploy to bridge the communication gap in an emerging world of affairs where establishment of contact was necessary for a symbiotic and enterprising benefit between countries and companies.

The ability to command the language in both spoken and written form is one of the most critical attribute that newcomers or freshers will need in order to gain a lucrative employment in a multinational set up. Those with strong English Language skills will definitely have an upper hand over those with mediocre or basic language skills. It is therefore important to ponder over the fact and realize that English does play a crucial role in shaping one’s career. A number of studies have consistently demonstrated that those who are well adept with the knowledge of English Language are more likely to advance in their careers. In addition to this, these studies also reveal that a strong command over English language will eventually lead to higher paying jobs, more social and professional mobility and a great deal of corporate success.

No matter what career you choose, speaking fluent English packed with powerful words will certainly increase your odds for success and if you intend to surpass your colleagues and make yourself more marketable, you will be required to hone up your English language skills and make them superior to the other people. While you may ignore, but people do judge you by the way you speak.

Hence there would be no fallacy in stating that English is the language that would remain as an important language for communication and for corporate transactions for years to come and anyone who is not well adept in this language will stand out like a sore thumb.