21 Day Fluency Challenge

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Let us Transform your personality in 21 days

Stay with us for 21 days and we will entirely makeover your personality along with your English skills which will give of your life a fresh start.

Being capable of speaking flawless English is not only the demand of this modernistic world but is the dream of millions of people, for certain people it is a means to grow in their career, and for some people, it is a triumph to enrich their social status.  Whatever your motives for learning English are, Ocean English Academy can fulfill your English-speaking aim merely in 1 month.

As Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

More Or less, we only seek your dedication and time; we will take care of everything else ourselves.  English is an elevated language but the English which is utilized in common parlance is only 20% of the whole language, the rest is 80% of the effort we just need to set to build our speaking confidence and fluency plus to spend each effort to procure the confidence and comfort with the English language.

Effectuating this program in 21 days is attainable only if you surround yourself with an environment where you practice English throughout the day with your fellow ones, under the mentor’s guidance as long as you have the right guidance, it’s much easier to reach your life goals and Ocean English Academy has decided to offer you this goal-oriented course that will teach you how to become successful and achieve your dreams, how to communicate well, how to present yourself, shifting to a winning mindset.

All you have to do is quit your comfort zone and stay with us for 21 days to exceptionally improve your personality along with your English throughout various interesting activities. The goal is to get surrounded by an environment where you can practice English all day long whether watching English movies, doing singing practices where all activities are related to English and culture oriented. So that, you can practice and come up with a command over the language.  21 days! And we promise that you will never have to be embarrassed because of your English in your whole life.

What can you expect from this course?

• Meaning and science behind language

• Form thoughts in English

• Express your thoughts creatively, rather than using boring set phrases.

• Errors with respect to communication

• Articulation through Imitation

• Use new English vocabulary and advanced phrases with confidence.

• Overcome stage fear

• Business English and Email drafting

• Listening Practice and answering open-ended questions

• Group discussions and Public Speaking

• Making conversations more influential & effective

• Art of making the right impression

• Role-plays, group discussions, case studies, situational conversation and one on one conversation are used as teaching and training tools.

• Voice modulation and pronunciation.


• Mental Health

• Spirituality

• Brain Power

• Confidence building

• Body Language

• Social etiquette

• Mannerism

100% improvement, or money back


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