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Partnering for a Profitable Venture

Stand Out in the Crowd!

Bridging the talent gap between the demand and supply in the corporate and to provide a competitive edge to the learners through our innovative approach of training and attracting and retaining our clientele/partners


To be the dominant player and partner of choice for innovative and integrated solutions for English language learning in the soft skills and communication development industry.

In a highly dynamic as well as in a competitive world, there is an urgent and an impeccable drive amongst companies to hire skilled manpower for efficient delivery in their services. In order to reduce the costs and improve the company’s efficiencies through the technological innovation, companies are looking to hire manpower that is not required to be trained in communication skills vouching that the applicant is already adept in communication. This also translates into an increase in employment prospects for which the companies  struggle to hire, train and retain the correct mix of personnel in their organizational mostly. We at Ocean strive to deliver the kind of potential that a corporate would seek.

At Ocean English Academy, we unambiguously understand the challenges of sourcing skilled resources, and the impact they have on a company’s mission of critical project delivery. As a focused player in the language and soft skills development industry domain, Ocean English Academy helps its students and partners in providing appropriate resources across diverse language learning and grooming techniques. We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our learners to provide quality learning and with our business partner an opportunity to promote economical growth.


• English Language training and soft skills development
• Accent Neutralization
• Business and technical writing
• Soft skills Development andtraining
• Personality development and grooming
• Developing self confidence
• Effective time management techniques

• Effective change management techniques
• Facing interviews confidently
• IELTS preparation
• Placement support for professionals
• Admission support for students for higher education abroad
• Train the trainer


Reduction in Cost and Investment

Minimizedinvestment and costs


No large area required for initial start up

Enhanced efficiency and monetary gains

Increased rate of returns through faster implementation of the business through our proven business model and all assistance provided to start


Retention of control within all units

Specialist expertise

Opportunity to be associated with the leading brand in the training industry

Optimization and stability of revenue

Assured revenue of a minimum amount every month

Domain Expertise

Match skill to domain expertise to balance performance with future growth


Our trainers come from varied backgrounds and are well equipped with all the training methodologies for the smooth transitioning of the knowledge to the students. Our training material is 100% in-house developed and we don’t follow any conventional book for training language learning.

Why Ocean English Academy?

OEA provides a phenomenal opportunity to set up your own business in your own city with a minimal investment amount. More and more MNCs are pouring in India and most leading Indian companies including those in the public sector, demand individuals with excellent Communication Skills in English both spoken and written. But there is a widening gap between the demand and supply and that is the BIG opportunity for those in the Training and Recruitment sector. Would you like to take the advantage of this business opportunity? Franchising has been so far an extremely successful business by a virtue model in the Training and Recruitment Industry.

OEA is one of the pioneering leaders in the Language Training industry. We assure you of your inevitable success through the installation and deployment of a proven business model. We are one of the fastest growing and highly profitable brands in the training industry for the soft skills and communication development.
Due to our invaluable expertise in placing trainees, we are preferred choice of Individuals & professionals aspiring to further their career ambitions. OEA has invaluable and undistinguished expertise in terms of a successful business model, franchising support, top-notch staff training and attractive returns for those who choose to partner us. Owning an OEA franchise provides you with the advantages of working from a proven business model, using procedures that have been perfected over time, and benefiting from the experience of
our own self.

Some of our salient features are as follows:

• Over 7 years of training domain led solution development experience, enabling end-to-end solution delivery
• In-house team of 50 talented language specialist who understand the language training and soft skills development domain requirements
• Effective management of fluctuating skill needs, skills gaps and changinglearningneeds
• Industry’s Best SLAs
• Average training Timeline: 90Days
• Average resume to Selection Ratio in companies:3:1
• Average offer to joining percentage/ratio: 80% (10:8)