English Trainer & Business Development Executive


Brief info

Mr. Dhruv K Chakravarty has been working in the field of language training for over a decade now. He has worked with reputed companies and language training institutes in parallel with his content development profession and has gained the necessary competencies to relay his experience with the corporate world to learners who are at the advent of their career.

As an English language trainer his primary focus has been to identify the loopholes in learners that are evading them from mastering English language. In this context he started to develop content and study materials to promote easiness in learning English language skillfully. Over the years, Dhruv, has taken up various assignments from reputed companies and his experience has been asked to be favored for developing content and study material for them. At Ocean English Academy, Dhruv’s primary objective is to develop content for the institute and impart training sessions of English language as well. Crafting masterful and resourceful study material is his forte and he has gained expertise in it over a period of time.

Dhruv speaks, “English is a funny language. There are so many radical changes in it from time to time that it becomes extremely arduous to keep oneself up to date with the latest trends. I am a firm believer that if a learner is only fluent in English language but is not equipped with the communication and soft skills ethos trending in the market, then the knowledge and competency levels acquired are completely futile. We cannot deny the point, that sustenance in a rapidly growing industry is derived from one’s own ability of being revised with the current swing of motions and those who fail to keep themselves acquainted with these developments or changes are the ones lagging behind in the race. It is therefore necessary to make a very conscious choice and opt for the correct process of learning. I am proud of my association with Ocean English Academy. Here I get a satisfaction when I see my students trying to cope with all the shackles of learning English and overcoming them. It is a wonderful experience to be with them and moreover the contentment is enhanced when they are able to produce the result intended. The day they are able to beat me in English language communication, that day I would I consider myself to be successful.”