Kavita Khatri

English Language Trainer


Brief info

Miss. Kavita hails from a small town in Uttarakhand and at present, she is based in Gurgaon pursuing Ph.D in English

She was a student of Ms. Vidushi Kaushik herself and was extremely ardent in learning the English language for her professional needs. Throughout the tenure of her learning, she was very expressive about her will to be a trainer of the English Language. After successfully completing her training and being confident, she joined OEA to train basic level batches and with constant efforts and conducive results, she was certified by the management as an English language trainer. Kavita has ever since talented herself to be an effective trainer for basic level learners over 3 years of span of employment with Ocean English Academy. She is more like of frontline for OEA as she conducts the basic level learning and is the first one to interact with a new admission.

Kavita speaks, “Being from Uttarakhand, where the English language is not encouraged, it was hard for me to gain expertise in this language. This is where Kavita Ma’am came to my rescue. I started getting coached under her able guidance and with time gained the confidence to speak this language fluently. In the beginning, it was pretty difficult for me to understand the concepts; However, Vidushi ma’am’s encouragement and perseverance kept me going. I am thankful to her for nurturing me so efficiently. I owe my communication skills to her. It was during my training that I expressed my desire to be a trainer like her and she observed my keenness and molded me as a trainer. And the best part is that she gave me an opportunity to work with her in her own renowned institute, “Ocean English Academy.” Today I train basic level students and help them to gain the confidence required to interact in this language. I can say with pride that I understand their level well as once I was one out of them. It is a highly respectable job and I am proud to be associated with her and the institute.”