Soft Skills

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In today’s era, Soft Skills forms an intrinsic component of our everyday business communication. “Soft skills are very important in overall personality of an individual. It is essential to be technically sound, but one should also have the ability to convey the idea to the masses in the simplest possible manner.”

In the initial years of your career, your technical abilities are important to get good assignments. However, when it comes to growing in an organisation, it is your personality that matters, more so in larger organisations where several people with similar technical expertise compete for a promotion. However, training on soft skills becomes all the more relevant in a country like India where the education system does not delve into development. Soft skills training is essential because we do not have it in our academic curricula. Therefore, we here at Ocean English Academy, undertake the task of grooming employees who are the link between the company and the external world, so that they are able to present themselves better.

For this, we offer a comprehensive program designed to make these educated Indians youths proficient in use of spoken English as well as acquire the crucial soft skills, thereby making them self-confident.

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Course Content

    • Communicative skills
      • Vocal and verbal communication
      • Body language
    • Time and Stress management
    • Interview skills
      • Writing a CV and preparing for the interview
      • Creating that winning first impression
      • Facing an interview
    • Goal setting
    • Leadership skills
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Mock Interviews

Course Features

  • Lectures 40
  • Video 200
  • Duration 30 Hours
  • Language English
  • Students 500
  • Captions Yes
  • Assessments Yes
  • Skill level All level