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About The Course

Speaking fluent English is not only a necessity but a dream cherished by many, and we feel that, but the bitter truth can not be ignored that if you don’t learn English the right way it might take you several years to start speaking English without feeling nervous or hesitant. This is where our course on Spoken English plays its role in molding and imbibing your English speaking abilities.

Our team of language experts has designed this course after extensive research and deep analyses to give you the confidence to communicate effectively in real-life situations within 3 months, yes, you read it right.

Undoubtedly, English as a language is a cosmic subject, however, our teaching experience suggests that learning everything is not essential to start your journey of speaking English fearlessly. It’s all about striking the right balance between grammar, high-frequency vocabulary expressions, speaking voice, and the ability to think faster. Once your skillset and mindset sync up well,  you will find it easy to express yourself in English.

We follow a step-by-step process of teaching the basics of the language with our primary focus on, how the language functions, which includes essential grammar training for framing correct sentences, building vocabulary, improving pronunciation, learning idioms and colloquial language. This course will provide you a balanced dose of all the skills used in holding English conversations.

But that is not all!  In today’s competitive world speaking English is just not enough, if you want to experience exponential growth, you also need to make sure that the way you speak leaves an impression on people around you. Everything counts, right from your hand gestures, facial expressions, tone of voice, to your comfortability during public speaking and level of confidence. No big deal, you will have our whole team backing you up and most importantly we will provide you the right learning environment in which you can explore your skills to the highest potential without the fear of making mistakes. Exciting…? Rest assured our trainers are going to carve your personality in a way that you have everyone get a glimpse of you when you are around.We promise that this course will give you a great and different learning experience with ensured results.

5 Months And A NEW YOU!

Course Details


Fluency Booster
The SCIENCE behind Language Learning
Modern Grammar and Sentence construction
Vocabulary Bank & Brain Power
Common situational conversations practice
Pronunciation & Voice Modulation
100 + Exercises & Activities to Build English Fluency


Good Personality Gives You Wings

Build a Magnetic Personality
The art of Meaningful Conversations – Sound Smart
Learn to connect with people on a deeper level 
Develop a Dynamic Speaking Voice – Intonation & Stress Pattern
Mindset & Confidence – Address your fear of Speaking English
Make Body language your Superpower
The Art of Making Friends
Master Modern Social Etiquette



Invest in Yourself Today to earn 10X higher Tomorrow

English For Modern Workplace
Interview Preparation
Presentations Skills
Business Meetings
Group Discussion 
Email Writing
Customer handling
Sales and Negotiation
People Skills
Leadership & Management

Additional Feature

Free lifetime access to our comprehensive VIDEO COURSE


Course Duration – 5 months
Class Duration- 1:30 Hours
Class Schedule- 5 days a week
Course Fees – 30,500

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