English for everyone

English for everyone

The current plethora of students from non- English medium of education crib about their incompetency in speaking Basic English. This is where our course in General English plays its role in molding and imbibing basic speaking abilities in our students.

Our course on General English has been extensively researched and designed to give our learners the confidence to help them communicate effectively in real-life situations. We follow a step by step process of teaching the basics of the language with our primary focus on, how the language functions. The course provides a balanced diet on covering the skills used in one’s everyday life like speaking, listening, reading and writing. In addition, we also include essential grammar training that forms the base for framing correct sentences, building vocabulary, improving pronunciation, learning idioms and colloquial language.

In addition to the learning of the language, we also concentrate on the personality presentability attribute of an individual. As an exemplary addition to this course, we have introduced sessions that will only be directed towards the personality development of an individual. In this we will help you understand your personality type and how to polish it up, to make sure that you have everyone get a glimpse of you when you are around.

This course aims at giving you a great and different learning experience with ensured results.

Course Features

Lectures Video Duration Language Assessments
90 200 90 Hours English YES

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