BPO Training

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Course Description

• Get acquainted with the concept of Outsourcing, On-shoring and Off-shoring
• Know the key attributes and aspects of Outsourcing
• Know what is the Business Process Outsourcing Industry
• Learn more about the leading BPO countries
• Understand the managerial and business side of a BPO
• Understand the types of processes delegated to the outsourced companies
• Understand the geographical and political factors affecting outsourcing
• Understand industry specific jargons and accent commonly used
• Understand the employment opportunities in this industry and compensations levels
• Be well equipped with techniques to successfully crack an interview

Business Process Outsourcing which is commonly known as BPO is one of the sub-categories of outsourcing. The whole idea of outsourcing revolves around the agreement of a particular business entity delegating its operations or responsibilities of a specific function or process to a third party service provider. It refers to the outsourcing of business services to an outside firm, or replacing in-house services with labor from an outside firm.

This course will discuss topics such as principles of Outsourcing, the Business Process Outsourcing industry, on-shoring and off-shoring elements of outsourcing, understanding the business side and the management side of BPO. The course will give you an insight on the basics, benefits of BPO, its growth drivers, BPO models, and types of vendors – both on-shore and off-shore and the major BPO companies in India.

The course will also intend to give you an overview of all types of processes that are outsourced by large units to third party service providers and how employment opportunities are created by this nature of business and how can you be a part of this industry.

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After the successful completion of the course, you will be:

• Be able to understand and explain the concept of Business Process Outsourcing
• Be able to analyze and interpret the key business driving factors in this industry
• Be relevant to the processes and functions in any outsourced company with your own skills
• Be able to answer questions on BPO confidently
• Will be able to incorporate the intrinsic values of employee structure and skill set required in this industry
• Know better about the employment opportunities and compensation levels
• Classify the types of call centers and terminologies used in them
• Determine the components and working of a call center
• Get a fair understanding of the issues and problems involved at different operational levels
• Face and crack interviews diligently and get lucrative placement in a company

Course Features

  • Lectures 40
  • Video 200
  • Duration 30 Hours
  • Language English
  • Students 500
  • Captions Yes
  • Assessments Yes
  • Skill level All level