Team 4



Mr. Harshvardhan is a dynamic Spoken English language trainer and a prolific orator with 5 years of extensive language training experience with renowned institutes. He brings with him hands on experience in the field of soft skills development in non native speakers of English Language. As a language instructor by profession, Harsh has trained innumerable students in his career span till now and majority of them have acquired decent jobs in multinational companies with handsome pay package. Also dedicated as a corporate social responsibility member in various companies, Harsh has participated in multiple training drives for the underprivileged learners and has mentored many training campaigns all by himself. His association with Ocean English Academy has been profound as a trainer and with the much sought out practical exposure and experience in training, Harsh has been entrusted with the responsibility of managing a second branch of Ocean English Academy at Udyog Vihar. Harsh has to his credit, knowledge of international languages like Japanese, German and Hungarian and a bronze medal in Taekwondo as well. Harsh has even trained a lot of students from abroad who wanted to hone up their aptitude on general and business English.

Harsh speaks, “Learning a language may be a herculean task but with proper guidance and support, one can easily try to be affluent. It is obvious today that English plays a key role in a business environment as all standards of communication and interaction are dealt in with this language. There would be no exaggeration in saying that a good academic profile supplemented with strong communication skills paves the way for success. I have come across innumerable professionals from various fields who have excelled themselves in their field of studies, however have been badly sacked in interviews, jobs and promotions due to their incompetency in communicating in English well. It is therefore important to realize that one cannot undermine the relevance of English language in any profession. I would also like to express my gratitude to Ms. Vidushi Kaushik Chauhan and to Mr. Narendra Singh Chauhan to have given me the opportunity to work in close proximity with Ocean English Academy. It has been a wonderful experience working with them and I thank them for acknowledging my efforts and channelizing a branch of Ocean English Academy under my supervision. Thanks for considering me capable enough to manage a branch of Ocean at Udyog Vihar. Here at Ocean English Academy, we are dedicated to make the learning of this language easy and understandable. Our curriculum is based entirely on practical methods rather than theories as we know that you are here to learn English as a language and not as a subject. I would want to conclude by saying that come to Ocean English Academy as a pristine learner and let us unleash you into the world as a confident person.”