Team 2



Mr. Narendra Singh Chauhan is a certified Voice and Accent Trainer by Pearson Global, USA and a full time corporate trainer. He has worked with top-notch companies as voice and accent trainer for a pretty long time and has successfully helped the trainees graduate to process training after the completion of the voice and accent module. At present, he is imparting corporate training in multiple corporate companies. Narendra brings with him over 10 years of work experience in the corporate sector. He has been approached by many companies from time to time for his deliverables in the field of accentuation and soft skills development. Narendra could have easily taken up a lucrative career in any call center as a voice and accent trainer, however he chose to pave his own path of career and chose voice and accent and corporate training as his profession. At OEA, Narendra is responsible for eliminating the mother tongue influence in learners and help them in acquiring a neutralized accent. As a corporate trainer, he is engaged with multiple business entities wherein his key role is to develop soft skills in the employees.

Narendra speaks,“I have always been fascinated with the accents around the world. Right from the days of my graduation I had developed a flair for understanding and speaking English under the influence of a specific regional accent. My inquisitiveness led me to join the BPO industry where I learnt US and UK accent to the core. With constant and persistent efforts I learnt the art of mastering an accent. It’s a globalised world out there. International companies serve employment on a platter. It is our skill and talent that would lead our way to success. Education is important and so are communication skills. I have seen many professionals and well educated candidates failing miserably because of the lack of fluency in English language. It is time for us to change our perspective and work hard for our personal and professional development. At the end of the day, all we think of is a satisfactory and a highly paying job. So let’s join hands and work towards the attainment of our goal. Ocean English Academy is a one stop shop for all. From language training to accentuation and developing strong business writing skills, we are working hard daily to keep ourselves abreast with the current trends in the corporate world and make sure that our learners are not obsolete from any standpoint.”