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Corporate Training

It is absolutely pre-defined that corporate invest a lot in their most valuable resources, their employees and are able to maintain an edge over their competitors who don’t.

This investment is most productive when it is striving to help individuals on the personal front to achieve set goals more effectively and efficiently in not only their current job roles but also broaden their skills base. An employee should always have the freedom to be in control of his or her own career and should be able to drive his or her potential as far as possible for their career growth.

The training needs to be relevant to the individual rather than training for training’s sake. And the driven result should be more motivated and capable workforce should be unearthed which is able to work smarter with greater confidence and is loyal to the organization.

Keeping the above facts in mind, at Ocean English Academy a course on corporate training has been inculcated and designed after consistent efforts by the industry experts. The course aims at equipping the learners with the soft skills that is required or is existent in the corporate sector. Our motive is to enhance the understanding ability of the learner to such extent that these training when on real time basis do not leave a learner astray. Our module on corporate training is based on a practical approach which is highly efficacious in terms of deliverance.

For learners or professionals who are looking for linguistic abilities to interact effectively in a business environment, learners are first tested on their language knowledge and levels of learning are then planned and executed at the appropriately.

Course Objectives are Primarily of Two Types:

  1. To raise the learner’s language competency level.
  2. To develop effective communication skills for use in specific contexts as demanded in the industry.

Our training ensures a balance of activities and exercises to enable language structuring, build industry specific vocabulary and master pronunciation as well as competency skills. Both in house and published materials are used in imparting training and trainers provide expert guidance that participants can redirect easily to their jobs.

The duration of the course depends entirely on the training objectives. Our course is in co-ordination with the industry’s requirements and normally consists of modules spanning over 240 hours of classroom sessions.

Overview of Module

Our course content is what differentiates us from our competitors. Masterfully crafted and with the state of the art content, the training structure used in Ocean English Academy is more practical based and result-oriented. After a successful completion of a unit, assessments are conducted to gauge the learning curve of the student and to understand the areas of improvement.

We can say with pride that no other institute can match up with our pedagogy that we have sought for from various experts in the field of language training.

Below is what we propose to train the learner’s during the training. The topics have been selected carefully and have been examined thoroughly in terms of the relevance that they would bear in the professional stance of the employee in the organization and their career. Our aim is to make sure that all the learners are well equipped with all the tools that are required for the conducive implementation of projects.Join Now!

1.1.1Formation of a sentence
1.1.2Building daily usage vocabulary
1.1.3Enhancement of basic communication to the next level
1.1.4Voice modulation and intonation
1.1.5Getting rid of any mother tongue influence and pronunciation errors
1.1.6Developing basic writing skills
1.1.7Developing basic listening skills
1.1.8Learning the art of public speaking
1.1.9Initial phase of personality development – Understanding the basics
2.1.1Organizing thoughts and ideas for basic communication in a business
2.1.2How to make your content precise and powerful
2.1.3Business terminology and vocabulary
2.1.4Professional email drafting
2.1.5Persuasive messaging
2.1.6Drawing the blueprint for meetings, interviews and presentations
2.1.7Learning the basics of negotiation
2.1.8Basic telephonic etiquettes
2.1.9Mock calls adhering to basic telephonic etiquettes
3.1.1Learning various cultures
3.1.2Business etiquettes
3.1.3Honing up communication skills
3.1.4Developing personal effectiveness
3.1.5Presentation skills development
3.1.6Conflict Management
3.1.6Stress Management
3.1.7Time Management
3.1.9Developing interpersonal skills
3.1.10Acquiring the ability of working in a team
4.1.1Understanding the concept of customer service
4.1.2Who is a customer?
4.1.3What do customers’ want?
4.1.4Drivers of customer loyalty
4.1.5Strategies for building strong rapport with customers
4.1.6Keeping the right service mentality
4.1.7Understanding the value of a customer’s feedback
4.1.8Complaint Management
4.1.9How to deal with irate customers?
4.1.10Avoiding customers’ hot buttons and forbidden language
4.1.11A quick know-how of productive customer service techniques
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