Our Course Book

This book is a bit of everything you need to shape up your English communication skills and personality. Some of its important features are as follows:

  • It includes almost all the grammatical structures necessary to speak English fluently.
  • A good number of graded exercise have been given for all types of learners. Elementary, intermediate and advanced exercise on each unit provide plenty of opportunity for them to learn the grammatical structures thoroughly.
  • Discussion and elaboration of rules have been kept to a bare minimum to avoid unnecessary strain on the learner’s mind. 
  • An effort has been made to give exercise not only in isolated sentences but also in contexts. Such exercise would enable students to drill and practice English in meaningful and life-like situations. 
  • In order to give the learners a real feel of the language, the book follows number of role-plays to help them adopt the language in no time. 
  • The last part is followed by tips on developing winning and charismatic personality to help the learner face the world confidently.  

Finally, we wholeheartedly acknowledge the sincere support of all our colleagues and students in successful compilation of the book.

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