Become a Powerful and Influential Leaders


Become a Powerful and Influential Leaders


Developing the quality of Influence in your personality

At Ocean English Academy, we believe that becoming an influential person is not only a matter of one’s strength of negotiation or persuasive abilities. In fact, in certain circumstances it has nothing to do with what you do, but rather what you refrain from saying or doing that has the greatest impact on your interactions with others. And it is this seemingly insignificant difference that helps you establish deep levels of rapport with the people in your life — strengthening your character and enhancing your ability to gently influence others to your way of thinking.

Check the following tips and if you follow them, they will certainly help you in transforming yourself into an influential person:

  1. Develop your decision making abilities. It is important to develop decisiveness as this quality is greatly admired by all. People with low self esteem, often don’t follow their own gut feelings, but do or follow a strong-headed person who is quick with decisions. Decisiveness is not a trait we’re born with — it’s a skill that can be learned. While we can’t control outcomes, we can shape the process that sets them in motion.
  2. Be coherent when you are in an argument with anyone. Arguing means reasoning. It means defending and promoting your ideas against the contrary arguments of equally adept influencers. Build the base of your argument with private instruction and directed reading on the relevant subject. You’ll find that your ability to think critically and analyze others’ arguments will dramatically increase your influence on their choices.
  3. An Influencer tells stories for strategic purpose. Storytelling has been a premier tool in influencing people across cultures and eras. So become a good storyteller.
  4. Hone up your communication skills because  when many of us think of influential people, we often think of those who were great speakers. So speaking certainly has an additional source of powerful leverage.
  5. Be aware of what is going around you and the world. You don’t need to be expert in it, but a fair knowledge of the current events is good as most of the time our talks revolve around these topics.
  6. Don’t think or behave like a layman. Instead portray yourself as a leader and think like a leader. Influence is most obvious when it happens at the front of the pack. While influence can arise from any position, it is also from a position of leadership that it can make the most impact.
  7. Be positive in your attitude. Never let negativity overcome you. Remember with a positive outlook, you will show confidence automatically and this will have a positive and influential impression on others.
  8. Be updated with technology. It’s the 21st century, and even 5 year olds know about Twitter, Facebook and the latest multimedia platforms. Social media have secured a big foothold and they’re here to stay. If you don’t have an ongoing online dialogue with your customers or if you need a 19 year old to show you the ropes every time you log on to your website’s forum, you’re behind.
  9. Lead a happy and joyful life. Show that any sacrifices you’ve made for the earth have come back to you tenfold in health and happiness. Show that what you’ve given up has actually made you a more complete person full of passion and purpose. Show them that you are not missing out!
  10. Do your best to just give the options and teach why you think they are a better alternative, rather than just preaching it.
  11. And at last, try to surround yourself with like-minded people. Surround yourself with good people and you will find yourself being a better person. Surround yourself with knowledge and you your intelligence will grow.

You might meet with some people who might seem to you as if they were born to excel. They’re gifted physically, intellectually or artistically, and it appears as if they just fly to the top.

But don’t be fooled. However gifted someone may be, he or she still had to develop those talents to achieve a lofty professional position. And that’s the good news for the rest of us. Each one of us has our own skills and talents, and we too can develop them and propel ourselves into positions of influence.



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